We are glad you navigated to brand new VeloBarZ!

We feature four sections:


The VeloBarZ iBook was a pre-cursor of the current site and have been around for a numbers of years.

Stylistically, it was designed as a tribute to venerable Italian Fausto Coppi – Len’s aspiration, and Greg Lemond’s Z-Team (the origin of “Z’ in VeloBarZ). Besides that, the word itself is a combination of “Velocity/Velocipede” referring both to speedy goodies’ manufacturing and targeting cyclists’ audience,  and “Bar” like in energy bar.

The driving force behind VELOBARZ, Len has been involved in sports and nutrition, and in sports nutrition for decades.

His first serious test came when he was tasked with a cook duties during unsupported week-long bike camping trip in Estonia. Bikers were satisfied with his newly-found skills, and Len’s penchant for an adventurous outdoor cooking was born!

Some spectacular destinations of the New and Old Worlds!

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